Outdoor Sports For Getting Into Shape

In summer we go out to play sports. But running or cycling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’ll show you some other fitness favourites, away from jogging and biking. After all, a bit of variety is good, isn’t it?

Let’s start with a motivating message: During outdoor training you burn up to 30 percent more calories. Why? Quite simple: The body automatically exerts itself more – on the one hand through air resistance and on the other hand through uneven surfaces or hurdle-laden terrain. And: We fill up with plenty of natural vitamin D.

So much for the benefits – here are five cool alternatives to running and biking you should definitely try this summer:

A complete sport that only requires a ball to play. You don’t need to be Michael Jordan or LeBron James to enjoy practicing this sport in the park. It will work most of your muscles, and will push your body more than most other sports, because you will be using most of your muscle groups. You’ll be working leg muscles, arm muscles, your shoulders, back and your abs. Talk about a complete workout!

Outdoor fitness studios
No, these are not converted playgrounds, but actually fitness equipment that can be used by everyone free of charge. In Austria, there are already many of these outdoor fitness studios, and also in Germany, the popularity is growing more and more! For example, you can find studios near you here on Google.

Off to the park
Take a mat with you to the nearest park and do some relaxing exercises like stretching or planks. The good thing about it is that you can always lie down, rest and enjoy the sun!

No, it’s not only for young people, because longboards or the good old skateboards are totally in again. And they are not without it: Because to be able to jet around with them, you need a lot of balance and body tension. ATTENTION: Please wear appropriate protective clothing at the beginning!

Pack a snack and off to the mountains! Feel nature, spend time with your loved ones, switch off, turn off your mobile phone and enjoy the peace and quiet. What could be nicer? Um, maybe the simultaneous burning of calories and of course the exercise. Once at the top, the feeling of freedom is indescribably beautiful. Here you will find worldwide route suggestions in three different difficulty levels – the perfect hiking trail for every hiker!

At hot temperatures it offers a pleasant cooling and makes really fit. In the water, almost all muscle groups are mobilized without overloading joints, ligaments and tendons. And: the burning of fat is also stimulated properly! Tip: Better stay longer in the water and swim slower, because only after about 30 minutes is the fat metabolism at full speed; in addition, the muscles are also beautifully defined.

Training Buddy
Yeah, I know, but you just can’t stress it enough: It’s much easier to train with a workout partner! You are motivated, you can give each other tips and you can enjoy success together. Sports enthusiasts can network on facebook or twitter!

The most important part is of course – having fun. So make sure you don’t take it as a chore. Enjoy it!