Good Nutrition For Better Overall Health

What is a healthy diet? What should we eat and how much? The basis is sufficient liquid, fruit and vegetables. But sweets are also allowed.

Do you know the saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? – One apple a day and you don’t need a doctor? There is certainly something true in this statement. However, the recommendations for a healthy diet are a bit more comprehensive, but still simple and not at all complicated.

The best nutritional recommendations will be talked about and analyzed here, to give you a full picture.

Essential characteristics of a wholesome and healthy diet

1. prefer natural and varied foods

Foods that are as natural as possible should determine the menu, which is selected according to season and region. Varying fruit, vegetables, drinks or bread automatically creates variety. Highly processed foods, on the other hand, should be avoided.

2. pay attention to plenty of liquid

Without fluid, the body is not able to work efficiently. It is therefore important to provide it with sufficient fluid every day, with the amount depending on various factors. There is an additional need, for example, for illnesses or heavy physical exertion.

3. fruit and vegetables are the basis

Fruits and vegetables supply the body with numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The dietary fibres and secondary plant substances contained in them also make an important contribution to maintaining good health.

4. products from the whole grain

Grains and cereal products provide the body with the necessary energy for the day. However, only whole grain products, such as whole grain bread (wholemeal nutrition), ensure a sufficient supply of nutrients and keep you full for a long time.

5. daily milk and milk products indispensable also for adults

Milk and dairy products are not only important in childhood. Adults also benefit from these products as they provide the body with sufficient B-group vitamins, important proteins and above all calcium.

6. more often not to consume animal products

Animal products should not be completely removed from the diet because when consumed in moderation, they also provide the body with vital nutrients. Not all minerals and trace elements are absorbed as well by plant foods as by animal foods. If you still want to eat vegetarian food, you should definitely follow a few rules to prevent deficiency symptoms. The same applies to Veganer.

7. fat in only small quantities use and enjoy

Fat in moderation. That is the rule here, but it also depends on the type of fat. Hidden and saturated fats, such as sausages or ready meals, are problematic for health.

Rethink drinking habits: outsmarting a lack of thirst in everyday life

Drinking behaviour can also be trained by gradually getting used to larger quantities of water. It is helpful to always have something to drink with you or to always have a well filled glass of water at a place where you often pass by. Some people are helped by a “drinking alarm clock” that reminds them to drink every half hour.

And don’t forget: Take your time to eat. Enjoy your meals at a beautifully set table. Don’t rush, take it each step at a time!